The building which today houses the Malá Strana Plzeň pub (Malostranská pivnice) stands on the site of a former hangman’s house from 1664. This form of capital punishment was established in the Middle Ages. For the entire period, executioners were deemed unclean and were not entitled to all civil rights. For example, they were not allowed to serve in the army or hold any public offices. Towards the end of the first quarter of the 19th century, the building was in a very bad state of repair. In 1806 the city council ordered its then owner, Marie Ziřková, to draw up plans for its renovation, however, she did not have sufficient funds and was forced to sell the house to Jan Vincent Kalivoda. The restored building, constructed merely from fragments of the original masonry, was approved in 1847 and, since that time, it has boasted a Neo-Classical fasade. It was in this house that the well-known art historian Anna Masaryková lived and also died in 1996. The Malá Strana Plzeň pub was opened here on 6 March 2002, thus heralding a new era for this building.

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